Constipation churna powder | Constipation relief powder | Acidity relief powder – 100gm powder


Relieve constipation and acidity with our 100gm Constipation Churna Powder. Experience natural relief and improved digestion.

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Constipation churna powder | Constipation relief powder | Acidity relief powder - 100gm powder


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Constipation churna powder | Constipation relief powder | Acidity relief powder | Constipation powder – 100gm powder

Zenius Constipation Churan is an ayurvedic herbal product for digesting and purification. It is used as a vermifuge and for treating jaundice. Constipation Churan improves appetite and digestion and is also helpful in treating high blood pressure, enlarged liver and spleen. Furthermore, it is used as a laxative and can help in reducing body heat.

Any person who usually Churan from constipation can take its 1-2 teaspoons of Zenius Constipation Churan daily with one glass of lukewarm water at bedtime. It does not stick to mouth and causes no addiction like other laxatives. It’s Ayurvedic, made with the finest and chosen herbs to give user the best results. Any age person can Churan from constipation regardless of age and gender so, Constipation Churan is specifically curated to get rid this issue in natural way. You can choose any of between Constipation Churan granules and tablets both are helpful in constipation problem.

Zenius Constipation Churan is a natural medicine that helps in relieving constipation naturally. Zenius Constipation Churan has its two variants one is Zenius Constipation Churan laxative granules and other is Constipation Churan. Intake of both Constipation Churan can help you get relief from constipation and other issues like acidity and gas.

Benefits of Zenius Constipation Churn

  1. Enhances digestive fire
  2. Helps in digestion
  3. Stimulates appetite
  4. Improves breathing issue
  5. Treats diarrhea
  6. Reduces pain and inflammation
  7. Treats piles
  8. Cures skin infections
  9. Treats constipation, fever, and vomiting
  10. Corrects the distaste of mouth and anorexia
  11. Natural Ayurvedic product with no artificial preservatives
  12. Helpful in Indigestion, Stomach ache, Nausea, Constipation, Heaviness in Abdomen, Gastritis, Acidity etc.
  13. No side effect
  14. 100% natural ingredients

Recommended Usage of Zenius Constipation Churn

1 to 2 teaspoons at bed time or as directed by healthcare professional.

Manufactured by (“zenius india”)

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