Donnara Organics Neem Powder, Reetha Powder & Lemon Peel Powder (450 g)

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Donnara Organics Neem Powder, Reetha Powder & Lemon Peel Powder (450 g)

Ideal For: Men & Women
Form: Powder
Applied For:Skin Polishing, Skin Brightening, Tan Removal, Anti-ageing, Skin Smoothening, Anti-acne & Pimples, Skin Toning
For Combination Skin, Normal Skin, All Skin Types, Dry Skin, Oily Skin
Paraben Free

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Donnara Organics Neem Powder

Original price was: ₹1,120.00.Current price is: ₹544.00.

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Donnara Organics Neem Powder, Reetha Powder & Lemon Peel Powder (450 g)

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Donnara Organics Lemon Fruit Peel Powder comes with an array of advantages in terms of skin care. This powder caters to a variety of skin needs that helps to enhance the beauty quotient in an absolutely natural manner. Dehydrated lemon powder can be used for skin whitening purposes that help to do away with marks, blemishes and spots by adding a degree of fairness to the complexion owing to the surplus of Vitamin C and Citric Acids that Lemon peels contain. Grated lemon peel is effective enough to treat pigmentations and sun tan in an all natural manner. Lemon peel mask works as the ideal cure for oily skin as it helps to do away with excess oil secretions and thus provides for the ideal remedy for the oily skin woes. Therefore organic lemon peel powder helps reduce acnes, pimples and other breakouts for the matter and helps to get you a clean and clear skin. Not only does it function as a great skin cleanser, but also when used as a lemon peel face mask it adds instant fairness in an all-natural manner. The essential goodness of the vitamins, antioxidants that are present in Lemon peel helps to cater to the proper nourishment and nutrition of the skin for maintaining the proper skin health to be precise. Lemon peel happen to work as a natural exfoliating agent that helps to remove excess dirt, oil and other impurities and makes for a great scrubber in the name of lemon peel off mask. Everyday use of lemon peel powder for face helps to combat the skin damaging radicals that are encountered on a daily basis which includes pollutants, UV rays and other skin damaging free radicals. lemon peel powder organic essence happens to be an anti-ageing agent that helps combat the early signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and instead prevents skin sagging and boosts the skin with a natural youth essence that enhances the beauty. It can be used for additional uses like blackhead removal, lip exfoliation and elbow, knee bleach. Being microfine and triple sifted powder it makes it easier to mix it in any recipe and doesn’t form lumps. The 100% Organic lemon powder can be combined with other ingredients to use it as a face pack or skin scrub as per individual requirements and preferences. This 100% Herbal powder is recommended for both men and women and being completely Natural in essence it is suitable on all skin as well and is completely safe that has no side effects to be precise. Opt for this amazing powder to get softer, younger, cleaner skin with added radiance.


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