Donnara Organics Rose Petal Powder Combo pack of 2 of 100 gms(200 gms) (200 g)

Original price was: ₹910.00.Current price is: ₹422.00.

Donnara Organics Rose Petal Powder Combo pack of 2 of 100 gms(200 gms) (200 g)

Ideal For: Men & Women
Form: Powder
Applied For:Skin Polishing, Blackhead Removal, Tan Removal, Skin Brightening, Skin Toning
For Combination Skin, Normal Skin, All Skin Types, Dry Skin, Oily Skin
Paraben Free

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Rose Petal Powder

Original price was: ₹910.00.Current price is: ₹422.00.

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Donnara Organics Rose Petal Powder Combo pack of 2 of 100 gms(200 gms) (200 g)

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Donnara Organics Rose Petal Powder has been used for its useful properties. I was quite amazed to find out that rose petal powder has a whole range of skin & hair benefits. 1. Cools & soothes the body 2. Rose petal powder benefits for Anti-aging, Rose has antioxidants which prevent the formation of wrinkles. The regular use of rose petal powder for cleansing, toning and exfoliating tightens the skin and slows down aging. 3. Nourishes, cleanses, tones & moisturizes skin I totally believe that you should only put on your skin what you can eat. That way rose petal powder is perfect food for your skin (by the way, you can also use it to flavor desserts). 4.It cleans grime, dirt and pollutants deposited in your skin very gently without drying it out and gives you a clear complexion. 5.Lightens blemishes, Women have used rose petal powder in India for ages to for everything from natural hair growth to lighting dark spots and blemishes. Since it was discovered that plant has plenty of vitamin C, that stimulates collagen production – making your skin cells stronger, women from all over the world have been buying organic rose powder in bulk, for making home remedies 6. The good thing about using rose petal powder is that it acts a natural astringent and keeps your skin soft at the same time. If you want to tighten pores and have smooth skin, try replacing your regular toner with rose petal powder paste. 7.Rose Petal Hair Mask For Super Soft & Silky Hair.Rose petal hair mask is a harbinger of all things good for your mane. Rose water is very mild, and it can repair damaged hair porosity and restore your hair’s pH balance. 8. It can be used as a natural sunscreen due to presence of Vitamin C that helps in defence against UV rays. 9. It softens dry hair and nourishes hair follicles from within, this promoting hair growth.


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