Gel Socks – Unisex Silicone Gel Heel Socks for Dry Hard Cracked Heels Repair Foot Care Support

(87 customer reviews)

Original price was: ₹485.00.Current price is: ₹228.00.

Gel Socks – Unisex Silicone Gel Heel Socks for Dry Hard Cracked Heels Repair Foot Care Support

  • Unisex Silicone Gel Heel Socks for Dry Hard Cracked Heels Repair Foot Care Support
  • Package Conatins: 1 Pair of Gel Socks
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: One Fit
Gel Socks - Unisex Silicone Gel Heel Socks for Dry Hard Cracked Heels Repair Foot Care Support

Original price was: ₹485.00.Current price is: ₹228.00.

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(1,227 Reviews)

Gel Socks – Unisex Silicone Gel Heel Socks for Dry Hard Cracked Heels Repair Foot Care Support

  • Unisex Silicone Gel Heel Socks for Dry Hard Cracked Heels Repair Foot Care Support
  • Package Conatins: 1 Pair of Gel Heel Socks
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: One Fit


Design: wear the silicone socks on the go for ultimate protection, these gel socks stay put when you are walking and the vented design ensures that your feet are sweat-proof

Botanical gel: botanical gel pads in heel part are rich in vitamin e, jojoba oil, lavender oil and olive oil

Repair your feet: built-in hypo-allergenic gel in socks can provide an intensive hydration treatment to repair your dry, hard and cracked skin on your heels

Shock absorption: thick padded gel pad in the socks absorbs pounding shocks, reduces friction and pressure, these gel heel socks can be worn comfortably all day with all types of footwear

Gel Socks - Unisex Silicone Gel Heel Socks for Dry Hard Cracked Heels Repair Foot Care Support

Washable and reusable: hand wash in water below 30 degree celsius with neutral detergent and dry in a shade avoiding direct exposure to sunlight

These gel heel socks can be used for both women and men

They can constantly repair and moisturize your heels to a natural and healthy look, nourish, and increase flexibility
Also provide an improvement of the appearance by helping reduce fine lines of aging, these gel socks can also be used with foot cream

Gel Socks - Unisex Silicone Gel Heel Socks for Dry Hard Cracked Heels Repair Foot Care Support

87 reviews for Gel Socks – Unisex Silicone Gel Heel Socks for Dry Hard Cracked Heels Repair Foot Care Support

  1. Harpreet

    It slips of easily.. thickness to be increased slightly

  2. Anand

    Product good but very ferigle.

  3. Harpreet

    cushion could be bit thicker providing better pain relief

  4. Kaushi budha

    Value for money

  5. Abdul Rouf

    Very soft & comfortable

  6. Kapil Bhati

    Product is too fragile. After two days wear the finger loop broke and it became useless.

  7. Ankit

    good For pain relief

  8. Natesh

    Nice socks

  9. Jay

    Very Useful.

  10. Tanuj Chauhan

    I used this product for pain in my heels. It did help in pain in a day.

  11. Vijender

    It is best product for pain relief

  12. Ashutosh Bagde

    Love this product

  13. Moksh Gautam

    Worthy buying, very soft and comfortable

  14. Rajesh Awasthi

    Nice quality and good in use

  15. Saif

    Good for cracked heels, but not for plantar fasciitis

  16. Vikram solanki

    Good product

  17. Naushad Ali

    Super I had so much pain in metatarsal but thanks to this product I wore everyday and the pain started diminishing, it’s still there but compared to what it was it’s almost gone.

  18. Huisein


  19. Aashkit

    Very comfortable and useful

  20. Laxman shinde

    It’s comfortable and soft and good for pain relief. Only the colour of the product is not for Indian skin

  21. Deepak Kumar

    This product quality is nice and good in use

  22. Sachin Yadav

    Good for corns

  23. Kazi asfak

    Very soft and gives pain relief to my heels👌

  24. Sandhya

    The product is good and I would suggest to provide it based on the foot size. Cos, the free size tends to dripp off while walking and so to avoid this please check and suggest for foot size based selling of this product.

  25. Aditya Jaiswal

    I bought this for my mother.. who has pain on her front foot area due to hard skin.. this is really nice.. may be it will tear off in few days but till that time it will serve the purpose. So ordering 2nd one..

  26. Rohan Verma

    I am using it for last 10 days for painful heels but with very little improvement.I understand that heel pain may have different reasons for different persons and any such relief measure online may not be equally beneficial.Its use has benefitted me by 20% or so as far as stiffness and pain in walking but it has softened my heel tremendously soft. As such I feel that it will certainly help those who have rough or cracked heels.
    Conceptually wonderful and worth a try.

  27. Riyaz Saifi

    Comfortable to wear excellent for heel krack for heel pain help less

  28. Puneeth

    Using it since couple of hours

  29. Narayan kushwah


  30. Khalid Ansari

    I got blister free feet’s

  31. Mahesh

    Good product very helpful in my soldiers foot… although when I received one piece had a little cut .. but used it anyways as it has no return policy, and I could use it even if it was torn a little.

  32. Zishan alam

    For soft feet , pain relief because of high heels

  33. Dhruo

    Not worth

  34. Anam

    Thik thak hai

  35. Naveen


  36. Mahesh narwade

    Buy it

  37. Guddu

    Very effective, if you use in right way.

  38. Shivam Gujjar

    Good product meeting all expectations 👍

  39. Anchal Arya

    Super product

  40. Vijay Kumar

    Nice product

  41. Lokesh

    Very soft and have some pani relief also

  42. Hitesh dagar

    Very useful

  43. Kaustubh

    It helps a lot n feels like ur walking on gooey sole stuff . I can feel difference in pain tolerance after using it . It extended my time to carry heels n dance a bit. Don’t feel like something is clinging in my toes after some time . Will buy more

  44. Imran Hussain

    I thought it is a silicon band, after using 1 week it really gives relief.

  45. Jagjit Singh

    My pair gone with your product

  46. Kuldeep

    It’s ok

  47. Kolyan

    Love the product. I have RA and hence swelling in the metatarsal region of the feet mostly early mornings. Wearing these eases my walking. The only thing is they tend to slip out little after a while. But ideal to use them while wearing shoes.

  48. Subha

    Good product but it breaks after few use as it is made of silicon which is thin

  49. Aman

    Really great product

  50. Akhilesh

    It is the ultimate escapade from cracked heels during winters

  51. Fast & Furies

    Excellent cushion

  52. Sufi Imran Ahmad

    Feet moisture will be locked with this product. So crack will heal quickly.

  53. Amar kumar

    It realy works.

  54. Padma

    Provides comfort and helps in relieving pain

  55. Tanaji shankar Dighe

    The pads are value for money. Comfortable to wear and provide pain relief. Can be made more robust

  56. Jishan

    Not bad

  57. Chandrashekar

    Crack healing

  58. R N Badigar

    I loved the product. I suffered from winter cracked heels for a long time. Have been using it every alternate night for the past 2 weeks and I can safely say my heel cracks are almost gone. I would definitely recommend it.

  59. Parveen

    Very good products and quality also very good.

  60. Indlajetti

    I ordered this for my father because he had diabetes and as a result it lead to diabetic feet, it seem somewhat relaxed.

  61. Ompal

    Perfect for ppl with overpronation

  62. Feroz

    I have been having metatarsal pain since few weeks. I got this product today and have been using since couple of hours now. ITs really soft. Dont feel like u have worn anything. My pain is greatly reduced, infact i went out just now after ages. I hope it lasts and does not tear.

  63. Gauri

    I loved this product,easy to wear,remove and wash just under tap water and dry it under shade
    Put your legs in warm water and soap or shampoo for 15mins,remove dead hard skin once it becomes soft,then apply grysline and wear this product for over night for best results as per my personal experience

  64. Dalip

    The gel that is between the toes comes out very easily and not good.

  65. Deep Chand

    Good for use

  66. Shweta Sharma

    Best product for blister feet’s

  67. Vijay Patel

    It is like a miracle

  68. Pankaj Goyal


  69. Sameer Modi

    Very easy to wear as like 🧦. After few day I was troubling from heel pain but after use this now relief

  70. Momo karam

    Good for heel krack

  71. R N Badigar

    Before ordering was not sure if it would fit my size, but it was very good, the material is very soft, comfortable to wear, heels were well protected ( the main purpose of me going for it).

  72. R N Badigar

    I like this product
    Very good product
    This product gives pain relief
    Whenever wear this product feel like a songe

  73. Akshay

    Value for money for a short span

  74. Parmod Kumar

    Im very impress and usefull product

  75. Yakub Sayad

    Great product.heals pain in heel

  76. Iaikitbok

    excellent for support

  77. Saddam husen

    Very nice product value of money

  78. Yakub Sayad

    Good and serves the purpose

  79. jagga dhillon

    Not comfortable


    It works. I had quite pain due to corn , however after using daily while walking bare foot or wearing my footwear, I sensed the ease. Now the hardness have reduced , pain is negligible. I am happy.

  81. Manish Mewada

    Very comfortable for heels and softens it if used regularly

  82. Alok


  83. Intajar Saifi

    Very soft and lightweight

  84. Ashish saini

    Not very useful

  85. Anshika

    It is a good cushion and reduces impact. Did not yet try for vigorous activities like racquet sports. Depending on the size of the foot, might not be able to wear it for longer stretches if it is tight.

  86. ritika

    Requires improvement

  87. Vasant Dantani

    The product is apt for ppl with overpronation who experience pain in balls on foot after heavy workout/exercising. It evenly distributes the pressure thus releasing the pressure at one point and eventually relieving the pain when you do exercise wearing them. Please note it doesn’t decrease pain for people already in pain rather prevents from such instances happening again if you use it while exercising

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